Download Package driver

If you want deploy Operating System with MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) or with with SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager). Driver is more important. You can capture driver on desktop/laptop or download package of driver. This package can be downloaded on web site of HP or Dell for example. Package driver for Dell : Download here …

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PXE boot image loading time

When booting in PXE, a boot image is loaded. This may take several minutes to complete. To reduce the loading time, it is necessary to make a change in the registry.

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French keyboard on WinPE

Windows ADK allows the creation of Winpe, however it uses by default an English language pack. This implies a qwerty keyboard. In order to find an azerty keyboard, it is necessary to follow the steps presented in the file (this last one references all the commands for the creation of a WinPE CD). Create WinPE

MDT Deploy Wizard

After starting the workstation in pxe, mdt 2012 returns the wizard windows which will allow the selection of the task sequence, the entry of the name of the workstation,…

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Activation of a MAK office

Despite the entry in the msp d’office 2010 file, it will be necessary to start the activation the first time an Office suite software is started.

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WinPE on USB key

It is convenient to have a USb key bootable with WinPE as well as all these tools. This to be able to very simply troubleshoot a workstation / server without the need to bring a cd.

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Windows ADK

It is difficult to talk about deployment without saying the word WAIK. This tool allows us to use tools such as Imagex but above all allows us to create a custom WinPE image.

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WDS automated

Since Windows Server 2003 SP2, we have a great tool at our disposal: the Windows Deployment Service. This allows us to deploy WIM images. It can be interesting to deploy an OS automatically. This is possible with WDS (Windows deployment service) using response files.

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Configure MDT for send email

Using an automated script, it is possible to send an E-mail when the job sequence is completed. The contents of the script (click here for download the wsf file). This file contain the following code :

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TFTP en timed out

In some cases, we may receive more response from WDS. The stations do not receive any response from the TFTP server and fall out in timed out.

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