Windows Upgrade Analytics

Windows Upgrade Analytics

Windows Upgrade Analytics

Windows Upgrade Analytics is part of Operation Management Suite and provided assistance to the migration of workstations to Windows 10.
It is necessary at first to create a Workspace who using the following link.
Create Windows OMS Workspace
For those with SCCM, it is possible to integrate it with SCCM. The following link will be useful
Integrate to SCCM


If you want to implement Upgrade Analytics, it is necessary to ensure the requirements following. In order to allow the telemetry, it is necessary to allow the following URL in the firewall or the firewall.


If a proxy with authentication is used, it is necessary to use a different script.
Proxy with Authentification

Configure OMS

As a first step it is necessary to connect to the OMS portal. Following authentication, go to Solution Gallery.

Windows Upgrade Analytics Open Gallery

Select Upgrade Readiness, and then click Add. It is now necessary to set it up, for this click on Upgrade Analitics Portal who to complete Setup.

Windows Upgrade Analytics Access to Upgrade Readyness

In the OMS portal, go to Upgrade Analytics and click Connected Sources. In the menu, click Windows Telemetry. Copy the ID Key Commercial into a Notepad file. The ID will be used subsequently.

Windows Upgrade Analytics Access to connected sources

Installation of the necessary updates

It is necessary to install some updates on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 computers.
For Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

For Windows 7

Download and deployment of the script

First step is necessary to download the script from the Microsoft site.
Download here
Unzip the zip file and then edit the RunConfig.bat file in the subfolder Deployment.

Unzip file

Specify the location or will be stored logs on workstations and enter Commercial ID.

Edit bat file

Edit file

Select the desired log mode and the IE Data Collection (is by default disabled). Deploy the agent through SCCM / Intune or GPO (local or domain). After several days the logs appear in the console OMS.

Portal Windows Upgrade Analytics

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