Data Warehouse service point

Data Warehouse service point

Data Warehouse service point

Data Warehouse service point

From the version 1702 of SCCM, you can enable and use Data Warehouse service point. This feature allows you to save any desired data and create date with this data. The feature supports up to 2To of data. The timestamp are present for tracking any information. The data is stored with automatic synchronisation between ConfgMgr site database and the database of Data Warehouse. This information has available from the reporting services point. After the installation of the site system role, the configuration of data warehouse database is configured. Furthermore several reports are installed.


The .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later is required on the server where the role is installed. Synchronization with data warehouse database use computer account of the computer where you install the site system role.
Note that account need also this role :

  • Administrator on the computer that will host the data warehouse database
  • DB_owner permission on the data warehouse database.
  • DB_reader and execute permissions to the top-tier sites site database.

For the data warehouse database, you can use default or named instance of SQL Server (2012 or later). The edition used must be Enterprise or Datacenter.


SQL Server AlwaysOn availability group and SQL Server Cluster are not supported.

Install and configure Data Warehouse

The installation of Data Warehouse can be done in a central administration site or stand-alone primary site. You may have only one instance of this role on the hierarchy. The SQL Server that hosts the database for the Data Warehouse can be present on the SCCM Server or on remote server.

For install the Data Warehouse service point, open SCCM console and go into Administration tab. Down the Update and servicing menu and select Features. Select Data Warehouse service point and click Turn On.

If you cant enable the feature, you can use this link for Consent to use Pre-Release features.

Data Warehouse service point Activate feature

One message appear, click Yes. After few minutes, click on Sites (Site configuration) and on Add Site System Roles.


A wizard is displayed, click Next without making any changes. In the System Role Windows, select Data Warehouse service point.

Data Warehouse service point

Next Windows you must enter any information:

  • SQL Server fully qualified domain name
  • SQL Server instance name, if default instance not use
  • Database name
  • SQL Server port used for connection
Configure SQL

Configure the scheduled synchronization (start time and recurrence pattern). Next you can lauch installation. When the installation was successful, you can use reports. Into the SCCM Console, you can access reports from Monitoring menu.

Access to reports

On Reports menu, there is Data Warehouse folder. You can select the report you want and click Run.

Access to report

If you got this error after click run, the autorisation was not been configured.

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