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Nov 18

Nano Server Image Builder

Nano Server Image Builder With Windows Server 2016, Microsoft has implemented a new feature called Nano Server. Very light operating system, just a few mega bytes to make it work. This « mini operating system » allows to install roles such as HyperV, Server DNS, web server,… He have no shell, no Internet explore so this images …

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Sep 27

Configure Subscriptions Events

Why set up a subscription ? If you have computer in workgroup, it may be interesting to centralize events in the event logs. This allows to facilitate the analysis of different events log. The computer being in workgroup, we use authentication based on certificates. In order to secure exchange, we will proceed to the use …

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Sep 04

Manage Workgroup Workstation

How to manage machines in a workgroup If you have machines in a domain, it is easy to execute remote administration (through gpo, script,…). Regarding the positions in workgroup, the task turns out to be more complex. Indeed, the latter only contain their own GPOs and their account base. Thus it is possible to use …

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Mai 01

Licensing Server 2016

Licensing Server 2016 Windows Server 2016 will consist of two editions as Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. Standard Edition: Concerns them little or no virtualized environments Datacenter editions: Used for private and hybrid cloud environments

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Mar 29

Remote execution

Problem with remote execution One of my customers wanted recently to run a remote administration using a local account. The firewall on the server was disabled and inactive UAC. However despite these operations, it was not possible for a local account (non-administrator) to perform the remote operation.

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Mar 19

Manage local Account

Manage Local Account Password An element that is rarely changed it’s the password of local accounts. It is common to put the same password for a local administrator on all workstations and servers. This has created an impact of a security breach. It’s important to have a different password on each machine and server. Thus …

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Jan 27

Problem Active Directory

Problem Active Directory Migrating Active Directory at one of my clients, it seems interesting to share a solution to a problem. When you update the schema to add the RODC objetcts (adprep /rodcprep), an error 0x3 appears. At the time of depromote domain controller, the error messages appear informing me of a problem. A surviving …

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