Rename Domain Controller

Rename Domain Controller

Rename Domain Controller

It is sometimes necessary to rename a server, depending on the role installed some steps are to be applied. Let’s take the example of a domain controller running Windows Server 2012. It is necessary to ensure first of all the functional level. This must be at least Windows Server 2003 level.

Open Command Dos Windows and run netdom computername Name /add:NewName. This command permit to add a new name of the server, he contain few arguments :

  • name : It’s the name of the server
  • NewName : It’s the new name of the server.
Rename Domain Controller - Add new name

Enter the Following command for configure the new name as the principal name.

netdom computername Name /makeprimary:Newname
Rename Domain Controller - Make name as primary

Restart the server for Apply modification. After restart open a session and run command prompt. The Following command permit to delete the old name of the server.

netdom computername Newname /remove:Name
Delete old name

The name has been updated.

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