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Billet WIndows 7 and 8

Reset CSC with Windows 7

Following a problem encountered at a customers, I’m sharing with you my findings. When you activate folder redirections (documents,…), an offline synchronization is activated. If you subsequently change the path of the redirection, it is possible that some profiles do not migrate to the new path and keep in the synchronization management console the old …

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Delete first animation

The first time a user logs on to a Windows 8 workstation, an animation lasting several minutes takes place. In order to avoid this animation which can very quickly become quite painful, it is useful to modify a DWORD value in the registry.

Activate MAK Key

This procedure allows the activation of a Windows 7 using a MAK key. Depending on the number of workstations, it may be useful to ask MDT/SCCM to carry out the activation.

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Error 850 with VPN connexion

After setting up the VPN connection in Windows 8, it is impossible to connect. Error 850 is returned.

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Change Key on Windows

In order to activate Windows 8, it is necessary to enter the product key. Once entered, it cannot be changed using the graphical interface.

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Virtualization in Windows 8

Microsoft has confirmed the presence of Hyper V in its new OS “Windows 8”. It will now be possible to create, add and manage virtual machines. The hypervisor interface will be similar to the one currently found on Windows Server 2008 R2. By default, the system will offer dynamic RAM allocation (the virtual machine will …

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Modify UI language

A very interesting feature of Windows 7 is the possibility to change the language of the interface. Unfortunately not all versions are compatible, you will need to have an Ultimate or Enterprise version to benefit from it.

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Uninstall IPv6

Since Windows XP, an IPv6 stack is integrated in the OS.

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God Mode

A very interesting but unfortunately hidden feature. Its name: God Mode. This tool provides access to all the features of Windows 7.

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RSAT for Windows 7

Since Windows 7 SP1, it is impossible to reinstall the Remote Server Administration Tools files (if the service pack was installed on the workstation). Microsoft has made available the versions compatible with SP1, knowing that it is impossible to install the old ones. For download, use the link : RSAT file