Virtualization in Windows 8

Virtualization in Windows 8

Microsoft has confirmed the presence of Hyper V in its new OS “Windows 8”. It will now be possible to create, add and manage virtual machines.

The hypervisor interface will be similar to the one currently found on Windows Server 2008 R2. By default, the system will offer dynamic RAM allocation (the virtual machine will call RAM as needed), but it will be possible to reallocate it manually, hot (without interrupting the virtual machine).

Virtualization in Windows 8

Another major innovation is in the area of network management, hyper V opens up to wireless links (WIFI).

We still do not know that it will offer this functionality, but it can only be activated on 64-bit installations and on machines equipped with processors with the Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) function built into the processors (Core i7, Xeon Nehalem) and AMD (Phenom, Opteron).

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