WinPE on USB key

WinPE on USB key

WinPE on USB key

It is convenient to have a USb key bootable with WinPE as well as all these tools. This to be able to very simply troubleshoot a workstation / server without the need to bring a cd.

The first thing to do is to make the key bootable with diskpart. Run the command dos and enter the following command.


First of all you need to know the ID of the reader, to do so enter

List disk
WinPE Select disk

In the Disk number column we see the Id’s of the disks, so we will select the desired one. In the DOS command prompt, enter the following command

select disk X (replace x by the disk number)

All partition can be deleted. Enter the command


You can nom create partition with the command

 create partition primary (use size parameter for define size partition)

You can now select disk partition and format with NTFS. This partition is labelled WinPE and formatted quickly.

select partition 1
select partition 1format fs=ntfs label="WinPE" quick

You can now assign letter automatically. The first letter available is assigned. Configure the partition as “Active” and next you can quit dos prompt/


ISO file can now be created. When it’s created, all files and folders can be copy on USB key. Use this link for create Winpe ISO file.

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