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Mar 08

Windows Upgrade Analytics

Windows Upgrade Analytics Windows Upgrade Analytics is part of Operation Management Suite and provided assistance to the migration of workstations to Windows 10. It is necessary at first to create a Workspace who using the following link. Create Windows OMS Workspace For those with SCCM, it is possible to integrate it with SCCM. The following …

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Jan 13

cannot activate Windows Hello

Windows Hello Feature Windows Hello is a feature of Windows 10. She is use to open a session using facial recognition (face recognition) to open a session. Solution that complements the different ways to open a session with Windows 10 (password and Pin Code). For its activation, it is necessary firstly to enable and configure …

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Juil 23

Update build Windows 10

Windows 10 and WSUS Server After you implement WIndows 10 on your workstations, it is necessary to manage the deployment of Builds. Thus three different management have emerged (CB, CBB and LTSB). Management and deployment can be operate by Windows Update / Windows Update for Business, SCCM or WSUS. His support for the deployment of …

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Mai 10

Fix KB3148812 problem

Fix KB3148812 problem The KB3148812 update installation problems. In fact after installing the administration console WSUS becomes inaccessible. Moreover customers no longer have the opportunities to contact the WSUS server. Initially Microsoft recommended not to install or remove it for those who carry out the installation of the update.

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Avr 10

Sysprep fails

Sysprep fails At the launch of the sysprep with the Generalize option, an error appears. The error occurs at the execution of the sysprep.exe in command-line or through the GUI..

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Fév 16

Manage version CB-CBB

Upgrade WIndows 10

What is Windows As A Service ? Before Windows 10, Microsoft implemented a major version of an operating system through a package service.A new version of the system appeared after several years.It was common to have significant differences in the nucleus of different operating system. With Windows 10 , a new management of major release …

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Déc 31

Windows 10 deploy guide

Windows 10 deploy guide How to deploy « upgrade » has been greatly improved. This is to allow upgrading of posts to Windows 10 in easier way. To help you in this task Microsoft has updated layout a very practical guide.

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Déc 11

Disable first animation

Disable first animation Since Windows 8, an animation is present when first connecting to a local or domain user. In order to reduce the time of connection on the first logon, it is necessary to disable the animation

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Août 23

RSAT Windows 10

RSAT Windows 10 Administration can be performed locally on the servers (domain controller, file server, print,…). However it is often easier to proceed with the configuration of the server since its local post or a central server. This allows to avoid multiplying connections on multiple servers. The position or the central server must obviously have …

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Août 17

Activation du partage d’update

Windows 10 apporte son lot de nouveautés dont celui de partager les updates téléchargés avec les autres postes de travail. Comme pour la fonctionnalité Branch Cache, cette fonctionnalité a pour but l’économie de la bande passante. Grégory BOUCHU (MVP) a décrit les opérations à effectuer pour la mise en place de la fonctionnalité.

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