RSAT Windows 10

RSAT Windows 10

RSAT Windows 10

RSAT Windows 10

Administration can be performed locally on the servers (domain controller, file server, print,…). However it is often easier to proceed with the configuration of the server since its local post or a central server. This allows to avoid multiplying connections on multiple servers.

The position or the central server must obviously have different consoles to administer the roles offered by servers (active directory, DHCP,…).

Download RSAT

You can download RSAT file with this link:

Download here

The RSAT tools are available in 64-bit or 32-bit format. The following elements are contained in the RSAT tools:

  • Server Manager Console
  • The snap-ins MMC (Microsoft Management Console)
  • The providers and cmdlets Windows PowerShell

Installation requires to meet prerequisites. It is necessary to have a workstation under Windows 10 in Professional, Enterprise, or Education Editions. Windows RT are not supported as well as the machines with an ARM architecture.It is very important to check that all the old tools have been removed before proceeding with the installation. Otherwise, perform in initially removing the old version.

Install RSAT on Windows 10 computer

Download the file depending on the architecture of the computer of destination and then proceed with the installation.

RSAT Windows 10 Download

Click Yes in the window that appears, and then click I accept to accept the terms of the license. The installation of the tool is underway on the workstation. At the end of the installation, the tools will be present on the start menu. Thus, it will be possible to carry out the administration of servers.

RSAT Windows 10 Install RSAT

Restart the computer when the installation is complete. After restarting, all Tools appea in Start Menu, you can use this for administrate your server remotely. If you have firewall, you need to allow exception on all server that you wish administrate. It’s a good option if you want administrate a lot of server.

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