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Update build Windows 10

Update build Windows 10

Windows 10 and WSUS Server

After you implement WIndows 10 on your workstations, it is necessary to manage the deployment of Builds. Thus three different management have emerged (CB, CBB and LTSB).

Management and deployment can be operate by Windows Update / Windows Update for Business, SCCM or WSUS.
His support for the deployment of 10 Windows Builds by the WSUS or SCCM and WSUS server, can be done only in certain conditions.

Indeed, it is necessary to have a WSUS server installed under Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 Server. The activation of the feature cannot be and must not be made until after the installation of the KB3095113. Where type Upgrade in WSUS before installing the update, it will be necessary to proceed to a cleaning of the base (see below in this article).

Update your WSUS Server

If your server is running Windows Server 2003/2008/2008R2, it is necessary first to upgrade the server to a newer version (2012/2012 R2).

You can download the KB3095113 installation file here :


After installation, the IIS configuration must be changed. Go to the console IIS Manager console and navigate to the WSUS Administration site (if using port 8530, default value with 2012 and 2012 R2 Server) or default web site (if use of port 80). In the central panel, double click on Content folder. In the central panel, double click MIME TYPES.

Update build Windows 10

On the Action panel, click Add for add new extension.

Update build Windows 10

In the File name extension field enter .esd and then the syntax below in MIME type.


Update build Windows 10

Enter the IISRESET command at a DOS command prompt to restart IIS.

Update build Windows 10

Upgrade category can now be adtive (don’t forget to check product Windows 10). These two operations must be performed in the WSUS console.

Update build Windows 10

You can now synchronize the catalog and approve the update.

Update build Windows 10

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