Cannot activate Windows Hello

Cannot activate Windows Hello

Cannot activate Windows Hello

Windows Hello Feature

Windows Hello is a feature of Windows 10. She is use to open a session using facial recognition (face recognition) to open a session.
Solution that complements the different ways to open a session with Windows 10 (password and Pin Code). For its activation, it is necessary firstly to enable and configure the PIN code authentication.

cannot activate Windows Hello

One of my customers wanted on these Windows 10 computer, activate Windows Hello. We have initially enable and configure the Pin Code authentication. However the activation of Windows Hello was not working.
The button to activate was gray. The computer was in 1607 version, we conducted a test with the version of Windows 10 1511. With this final no activation problem.

We have therefore deny any application of group policy, however despite this operation cannot activate Windows Hello. After some research, it appears that the version Windows 10 1607 contains a limitation. Indeed, for Windows 10 1607 posts joined to a domain, it is necessary to add a DWORD value in the registry.

How I can resolve problem

On windows 10 workstations, log on with an account that has administrative rights. Open the registry through the regedit.exe executable. You can access by right-clicking on the button start then selecting run from the context menu.

The console appear, access to the key System present in :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows
cannot activate Windows Hello registry console

Add a DWORD named AllowDomainPINLogon in the key. The value of the DWORD is 1.

cannot activate Windows Hello Add Dword

Following the change, restart the workstation. Activation of Windows Hello can now be performed.
Adding the DWORD key can be done through Group Policy, preferences or by Script. It is also possible to export the key to a reg file.

It is interesting to note that this problem is related to version 1607 Windows 10 positions and joined to a domain. The same operating system on a workstation in Workgroup mode is not affected.

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