Nano Server Image Builder

Nano Server Image Builder

Nano Server Image Builder

With Windows Server 2016, Microsoft has implemented a new feature called Nano Server. Very light operating system, just a few mega bytes to make it work. This “mini operating system” allows to install roles such as HyperV, Server DNS, web server,…

He have no shell, no Internet explore so this images reduces the risk of attack as well as the number of patch to install. However creating a Nano Server image requires command line execution. To simplify this step Microsoft has made available tool Nano Server Image Builder that allows the creation of the image in a graphic way.

As a first step, it is necessary to download the Nano Server Image Builder tool. You can download it here.

Install Nano Server Image Builder

This Tools requires Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016. You need install ADK ( before Nano Server Image Builder. The tools can help you create images in VHD, VHDX or ISO formats. You can create bootable USB media to deploy Nano server.

Download the tool and then double click on the executable file, a Wizard starts.

Nano Server Image Builder Install tools

Click Next then Install. On the start menu, click on Nano Server Image Builder.

Nano Server Image Builder Tools has been installed

A Wizard opens, click Create a New Nano Image Server.

Nano Server Image Builder wizard lauched

In the window Before you Begin, click Next. Copy the contents of the ISO Windows Server 2016 in a directory and then select the directory using the Browse button.

Nano Server Image Builder Select location

Accept the license by checking the checkbox and click Next.

Nano Server Image Builder Accept licence

Select the type of image you want, either physical or virtual (format vhd, vhdx). Select the location and name of the file as well.

Nano Server Image Builder select deployment type

After choosing the desired edition, select packages to added.

Nano Server Image Builder select edition

The next window allows to inject into the image the different necessary drivers after you have added the various drivers, click Next. Enter the name of the server and the password of the local administrator and the time zone.

Nano Server Image Builder Configure computer name

Select the Join Domain checkbox and enter the Active Directory domain name.

Configure join domain

In order to connect WinRM, tick the checkbox Enable WinRM and remote PowerShell connections from all subnets. In order to connect WinRM, tick the checkbox Enable WinRM and remote PowerShell connections from all subnets.

Enable WinRM

In the windows, select the desired mode.

  • Creating a basic image
  • Continue and configure advanced settings

By selecting a basic image Creation, you can click Create and launch creation.

Operation has been lauched

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