Remove universal apps

Remove universal apps

Remove universal apps

Remove universal apps

You want to remove one or more universal applications in the start menu of Windows 10. This can now be done with PowerShell. Thanks to the team technet for the development of this PowerShell sctipt.

What is Universal Apps

Since Windows 8, a new application model has emerged: modern applications, they are present in the Modern UI interface that replaces the old menu start. Some are by default provided with the operating system and others are available from the Microsoft store. With Windows 10, it is possible to use the same code when developing an application for Windows 10 / Windows Phone and Xbox. This allows to have an application that runs on three platforms without having to redevelop about.

Remove Windows 10 Universal Apps with powerhsell

This article allows to see the different steps necessary to remove a universal application corrupted. As a first step it is necessary to know the name of the package. All operations done in PowerShell.

Launch the PowerShell console and then run the following command :


This command can be executed without having to import powershell module. You can obtain the name of the desired Universal applications installed on operating systems.

Make one copy of the PackageFullName attributes fields for the desired application.

Remove universal apps Get package

This first operation is very important because it allows to get the name of the application it will be necessary from provides the script.

You can now use the script, navigate to the directory that contains the script.

Run the following command and confirm in order to proceed with the deletion.

remove-appxpackage PackageFullName
Remove universal apps remove package

The package is now deleted. You can also created a script that will read a file txt, csv,… containing name of applications (file created manually by yourself).The file provide arguments to scripts created by the technet team and delete all of application with one execution. The use of a loop is necessary.

Use script for remove modern application

You can download further down in this post, the script and the xml file. If you do not want to delete all applications or a non present in the xml file, it is necessary to edit the xml file.

To download the script and the xml file, click Here.

Insert in a folder the script and the xml file and then run the script.

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