Enroll Windows 10 on Azure AD

Enroll Windows 10 on Azure AD

Enroll Windows 10 on Azure AD

Enroll Windows 10 on AAD

Microsoft offers the possibility to integrate a workstation under Windows 10 directly into Azure AD. The first operation will be to create the AD database in Azure or to use the one already present

nroll Windows 10 on Azure AD - Create azure ad

Select Azure AD and click on Add domain button.

Add domain

In the wizard window, enter the desired domain name and click Add. The box should only be ticked if an ADFS service is used.

Enroll Windows 10 on Azure AD Specify domain name

In the second window of the wizard, click on Verify. After creating the record, it is necessary to wait a few minutes to a few hours. To find the validation option, click on Domains and then on the Verify button.

Enroll Windows 10 on Azure AD - Domain not verified

In the database properties, click on Configure. Configure the maximum number of devices a user can reach and then the authorized users. To authorize all users, click All.

Enroll Windows 10 on Azure AD  - configure azure ad

Other settings such as strong authentication can be enabled. Click on Save to activate the settings. Install a Windows 10 then in the OOBE screen, enter the user name and password and validate by continuing with the wizard.

Configure OOBE Screen

The connection to the AAD domain will be made and the session will be opened. It is possible to check the presence of the device in the AD database. Enroll Windows 10 on AAD is now been configured.

Computer has been added

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