Manage version CB-CBB

Manage version CB-CBB

Manage version CB-CBB

What is Windows As A Service ?

Before Windows 10, Microsoft implemented a major version of an operating system through a package service.A new version of the system appeared after several years.It was common to have significant differences in the nucleus of different operating system.
With Windows 10 , a new management of major release appeared. Indeed every 4 months (for Current Branch – CB) or eight months ( Current Branch For Business – CBB), Microsoft provides a new release of Windows 10.

Deploy manage version of Windows 10

There is a multiple solution for deploy a new version of Windows 10. You can use Windows Update. This solution it’s good for home computer or a very limited number of workstation. You need lauch Windows Update and lauch the download on all workstations. If you have a lot of computer, it is recommanded to use WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) or WSUS with SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager).

With this solution we can download and deploy the upgrade on a computer group (for WSUS) or collection group (for SCCM). If you use WSUS 3.0 SP2 (version installed on Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008 R2) it is necessary to migrate to Windows Server 2012 or greather. After installing KB3095113, the classifications Upgrades appear.

Upgrade WIndows 10 Manage version CB-CBB WSUS

Manage version CB/CBB

New features appear with this release (example: Windows Hello,…). Microsoft provides two web sites to follow the different release. The first provides detail on corrections performed by the new release.

The second web site provides a history of all release of Windows 10. It’s more easy to prompt the detail oh each version (build number, availability date and date of the new release).

The links permit a better administration of Windows 10. It is easier to make a decision about installation or not a new Build. Please note, it is not possible to ignore more than two Build. In the latter case a reinstall desktop/laptop  concerned is necessary.

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