Migrate Share on File Server

Migrate Share on File Server

Migrate Share on File Server

When migrating a server, it is necessary to retrieve network shares and authorisations.

Migrate File Server

I recently had to migrate the file server of one of my clients, here is the procedure. For the migration of files and NTFS permissions

Launch a DOS command prompt and enter the command

robocopy CheminSource CheminCible /E /MIR /CopyALL

All the files and sub-folders will be copied (it is possible to launch it as many times as desired).

To migrate shares

On the file server, run the command Regedit.exe and export the following key :


Clean up the REG file if necessary. Import the REG file. If the shares do not point to the same disk drives, make the necessary changes in the paths. Restart the server service, Share and security are present.

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