Install KMS Server

Install KMS Server

Install KMS Server

Install and configure Windows Server Role

With Windows Server 2012 R2, it is necessary to install the Volume Activation Services role from the Server Manager console.

Install KMS Server Install Feature

Following the installation, a new event is present in the console.

Install KMS Server

Check the server name and click Next without making any changes.

Configure KMS Wizard

Enter the KMS key for Windows Server 2012 R2 or your operating system version and click on Validate.

Install KMS Key

In the Product Key Management windows, leave the default choice and click Activate Product.

Activate product

Validate the following windows without making any changes. In the Add Firewall Exceptions windows, check the listening port and click Validate.

Configure KMS Server

On the KMS server, open a DOS command prompt and enter the following commands.
Slmgr /ipk “KMSKey”. A message appears, click OK and enter slmgr /ato. A message appears to warn you that the server has been successfully activated.

Insert KMS Key with slmgr /ipk
Activate licence with slmgr /ato

It is now necessary to have a minimum of 5 activation requests for Office to start activation. For Windows Server he need 5 activation and 25 for Windows Client.

Install and configure VAMT

In order to manage activation on workstations and servers, the VAMT console is installed. To do this, it is necessary to install SQL Server. SQL Server 2016 Express has been installed on the KMS server.
In the database, click Database Engine Services and click Next.

Install SQL Server

Click Next in the Configure instance windows without making any changes.

Configure SQL Instance

Add the desired members as SYSADMIN of the database. Start installing SQL Server. VAMT can now be installed. This operation requires downloading ADK for Windows 10. The setup file can be retrieved from the Microsoft website.

Once downloaded, the installation setup can be run. In the Specify Location windows, click Next without making any changes.

Select path for ADK

Click No in the Windows Kit Privacy Windows and accept the license agreement by clicking Accept. In the feature selection windows to be installed, check the following features:

  • Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT)

Lauch the installation by clicking Install.

Select features

Once installed, it is necessary to launch the console from the KMS server.

Launch console

In the windows enter the name of the instance and select Create new database from the drop-down list. In the database name field, type KMS. Click Connect to proceed with the connection.

Select SQL Instance

The console is displayed. Select Products and click Discover Products.

VAMT Console

In the windows that appears, click Search. Computers and servers present in AD appear.

OFFICE 2013 Activation by KMS

In order to support KMS Office 2013 versions, it is first necessary to download Microsoft Office 2013 Volume License Pack.

After downloading it, execute the file. Select the check box to accept the license terms and click Continue.

Configure office

A windows appears, click Next. Enter the KMS server name and click Next.

Enter Office KMS Key

Enter the KMS key automatically and click on validate.

Validate KMS Key

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