Gpo’s are replicated by two systems : AD replication (GPC, the GPO console) and file system replication (GPT contained in SYSVOL, the different components configured). It happens nevertheless that the AD replication goes badly, so we will have a difference between the GPC and the GPT.

As a result of this replication problem, we may have unexpected results (parameter not applied,…). It is therefore useful to ensure the consistency of the GPO(s).

To do this we will use the command line tool


The latter will make it possible to carry out various actions:

  • Consistency of group strategy objects between the SYSVOL file and the AD
  • GPO replication control

This tool helps to diagnose and isolate the components of the group strategy that are not being replicated correctly. GPOTool for Windows Server 2003 can be found in Resource Kit Tools (click ici for download it).

For Windows Server 2008 and above (click here for download it).

The command will display the GPC and GPT version number for each GPO. This will make it possible to see if a replication problem is present.


In case of a problem, it is important to view the AD and FRS replication event logs in order to understand where the problem is located (not enough throughput on the WAN line,…).

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