Orchestration groups

Orchestration groups

Orchestration groups

Orchestration groups start with Configuration Manager 2002. This features permit to create a group for control the deployment of Software update.

With this orchestration group, you can update devices based on percentage, explicit order, etc…. The member can be any Configuration Manager client. You can apply rules to any collections and all software update groups.

This feature can be used in several cases

  • You have a lot of server and collection.
  • You want control the update deployment of sensitivity server and
  • You want run Powershell Script on database server before/after update deployment


User account must be have Full Administrator right to see the orchestration groups. Enable Orchestration Groups. When you enable this feature, Server Groups feature has disabled. This is to avoid a possible conflict between the two features.

You need to upgrade the target devices to the latest version of the Configuration Manager Client. A device can be member of only one orchestration group. When you want to add devices on orchestration group, you can’t see the device already in an orchestration group. If update has initiated by one user from the Company portal, orchestration group is bypassed.

Enable Orchestration groups feature

The feature is on Pre-release mode, so you need allow Pre-release features in Configuration Manager. If the feature is no longer in pre-release you can skip this step. From the configuration manager console, click on Administration and expand Site configuration. Select Site node and click on Hierarchy Settings.

Orchestration groups - Enable pre-release feature

Check Content to use Pre-Release features option and click on OK.

Orchestration groups - Enable pre-release feature

On the Administration workspace, expand Updates and Servicing and click on Features. Select Orchestration Group and click on Turn on.

Orchestration groups - Enable feature

A windows appear, click on Yes.

Orchestration groups - Enable feature

Create orchestration group

From the configuration Manager console, open Assets and Compliance workspace and select Orchestration Group. In the ribbon, click on Create Orchestration Group.

access to orchestration group

Enter the desired name. Two options ar available

  • Orchestration Group Timeout (in minutes) : This option permit to determine the time limit for all member in the group to complete update installation.
  • Orchestration Group member Timeout (in minutes) : This option permit to determine the time limit for single device in the group to complete update installation.
configure access to orchestration group

Select the site code and click on Add.

Select member on orchestration group

Enter Name string contains as you want and click on Search. Select the desired ressources and click on Add.

select member on orchestration group

I would like to allow two machines to be updated at the same time. I check Allow a number of the machines to be updated at the same time and enter the number as you want. You can also configure a percentage or the maintenance sequence.

Configure rules selection

If you to run action (stop services, stop process, etc.) before and/or after update deployment, you can specify powershell script on pre-Script and Post-Script.

configure pre-script powershell
Configure post-script powershell

Click on Next on Summary windows to create orchestration group. Select the group and click on Start Orchestration.

Start Orchestration

A windows appear, click on Yes.

Start Orchestration

Orchestration state is in progress. You can create other groups or add member of this group (right click on the group / Member Selection / Add).

Orchestration groups is in progress

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