Warning with 2211 build

Warning with 2211 build

Warning with 2211 MECM Build

A warning appear when I verify prerequisites for Configuration Manager 2211 Hotfix Rollup. Three warnings appear.

  • Co-management workload slider for ressource access policies
  • Network Access Account account usage alert
Warning foor sccm 2211 rollup.

We now see how we can resolve the problems.

Co-Management workload slider for resource access policies

The deployment of the email certificate, VPN profile, Wifi profile or Windows Hello for Business through SCCM is no longuer supported. In my ab, the co-management is configured and the workload Resource access policies is managed by Intune for some computers (Pilot Intune).

Ressource has deployed by Intune

For resolve the problem, open the SCCM console and click on Administration tab. Expand Cloud Services node then click on Cloud Attach. Access to the properties of the co-management configuration.

Access to the co management properties

Configure the workload Resource access policies to be managed by Intune.

Configure Workload to be managed by intune

Click on OK then run prerequisites check. The prerequisites is now validated.

the prerequisites is now vlidated

Network Access Account (NAA) account usage alert

To improve the security, the site server configured with HTTPS/Enhanced HTTP does not require the network access account (NAA).

NAA is configured

To resolve the problem, open the Administration tab and expand Site Configuration node.

open site properties

Click on Configure Site Components then on Software Distribution.

Click on Software distribution

A new windows appear, click on Network Access Account tab then check Use the computer account of the Configuration Manager Client.

Configure software distribution to use the computer account

Run prerequisites check again, the prerequisites is now validated.

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