Application groups

Application groups

Application group

This functionnality is implemented from sccm 1906. He permit to deploy multiple application as a single deployment. With SCCM 1910, users can uninstall the app group. The App group can be deployed to a user collection. It is possible to specify the order in which the applications are installed in the group.

Configure SCCM

On my SCCM server, i have imported multiple application (Acrobat Reader, 7Zip).

Application groups - Applications on SCCM

On the Windows 10 workstation, the applications appear as two distinct applications.

Application groups - Applications on SCCM

I want deploy this application as one deployment. i must create application groups on SCCM. From the SCCM console, open Administration tabs and expand Site Configuration. Right click on Sites and select Hierarchy Settings. A new Windows appear, check Consent to use Pre-Release features.

Activate Pre-realease functionnality

From the SCCM console, open Administration tab and click expand Updates and Servicing. Click on Features and select Applications Groups. On the ribbon, click on Turn on.

Activate Application groups

The functionnality has now present on Software Library. Click on Create Application Group in the ribbon.

Application groups - Create Application groups

A wizard appear, enter the name of the group and select Administrative categories.

Configure Wizard for create group

Add application as you want on the group with Add button and lauch creation of the group.

Add applications groups

You can now use deploy the group. In the ribbon click on Deploy.

Deploy groups

Select the desired collections and click on OK.

Deploy groups

Validate the different Windows for deploy the application groups. I have removed the deployment of applications, only the application groups is deployed.

Install application groups on Workstation

On the Workstation, open Software center. The application groups are present.

Application groups on workstation

Select application groups and click on Install.

Install applications

Installation is in progress.

Install is in progress

I can install two or more application more easily. Only one application being present in the software center.


It’s possible to use log to troubleshoot an app group deployment. The log file is present on client (c:\windows\ccm\logs).

  • AppGroupHandler.log
  • AppEnforce.log
  • SettingsAgent.log

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