Approve Application request

Approve Application request

Approve Application request

The Configuration Manager solution is enriched with a new functionality at the application deployment level. Introduced with the latest versions of Configuration Manager, feature Approve Application request feature can now be used.

How it’s work

The user requests access to the application from the software center. This request appears under Requests for Approval. When the request is accepted, approval is given to the user and the computer from which the request for approval is made. Once the user logs on to another computer, he or she must re-apply for approval.

Enable the feature

From the Configuration Manager console, open Administration tab and expand Updates and Servicing and click on Features. Select Approve application requests for users per device and click on Turn on.

Approve Application request - Activate Pre-realease functionnality

A new Windows Appear, click on Yes to turn on the feature.

Activate Pre-realease functionnality

Feature has been enabled.

Configure notification

From the Configuration Manager console, open Monitoring tab. Expand Alerts node and click on Subscription. On the ribbon, click on Configure Email Notification.

Approve Application request - Configure Email Notification

Configure properties of the Email Notification I used my Office 365 account for notification. Click OK for validate.

Approve Application request -Configure Email Notification

Deploy application

From the Configuration Manager console, open Software Library tab and expand Applications node. Select the desired application and click on Deploy on the ribbon.

Configure application - Select application

With Browse buttton, select the desired collection and click on Next.

Configure application - Select application

Check An administrator must approve a request for this application on the device and enter mail address. Configure the next windows as you want.

Enter email address

Deployment is now configured.

Request application

On Windows 10 computer, open Software center. Select application and enter note for administrator. Click on Request for send request.

Request access to the application

An email is sent and you can approve or deny access.

SCCM Email approval application

HTTPS must be configured for use approval access with mail. If HTTTPS is not configured, open Configuration Manager console and open Software Library. Select Application Requests and click on Approve. If you want more detail double click on the request.

SCCM Approve request application

Enter an Approver’s Comments and click on OK.

SCCM Approve request application

From the Windows 10, I can install application.

Application can be installed

If i try to install the same application with the same user account but on other computer i need to send a new request.

Request must approved

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