CMPivot into SCCM

CMPivot into SCCM

CMPivot into SCCM

CMPivot into SCCM

SCCM contains a large amount of data, which can be used to create reports. CMPivot was introduced in SCCM with version 1806 of SCCM. This feature has the advantage of accessing the status of the devices in real time. This feature has the advantage of accessing the status of the devices in real time. A query is executed on a target group (computer), then the result is returned.


CMPivot requires some prerequisites :

  • All devices run the latest version of the SCCM client.
  • The SCCM administrator must have the Read rights to SMS Scripts and execute the scripts on rights the collection object (You can use this link for configure rights : Docs Microsoft).
  • PowerShell v5 on the target clients


  • If you have SCCM hierarchy, the Start CMPivot action not appear in the console if you are connected to a central administration site.
  • The data returned by CMPivot come only from clients connected to the site.
  • It’s not possible to customize entity properties, columns for results, or actions on devices.
  • It is possible to execute only one instance of CMPivot at the same time on the computer that is running the Configuration Manager console.

Configure CMPivot

From the SCCM console, click on Assets and Compliance and then Device Collections. In Collection, click on Start CMPivot.

Lauch CMPivot Feature

A new window appears and allows you to execute the desired query.

CMPivot into SCCM CMPivot Windows

You can see in the console CM Pivot, the name of the collection used.

CMPivot into SCCM Configure windows to use CMPivot

Home Tab permit to see description for Entities, Table Operators and Aggregation Functions.

Entity for CMPivot

The Query Tab permit to execute query for find desired information. In this example, I would like to find how service is present on my server (SRV-AD).

Result of query on CMPivot

I Would like to find Bios information for all device whose name like to SRV-A. I need run this query.

Result on CMPivot Windows

Right-click on the name of the server, you can execute few operations :

  • Run Script
  • Connect on the computer with Remote Control Tools
  • Access to the Ressource Explorer
Action on CMPivot Windows

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