SCCM PXE without WDS

SCCM PXE without WDS

SCCM PXE without WDS

SCCM PXE without WDS

SCCM 1806 brings an interesting new feature for anyone wishing to deploy workstations at a remote site. Before this version, it’s necessary to have a server to perform a PXE boot. Indeed, this type of startup requires to use a WDS (Windows Deployment Service) server. Since version 1806 of SCCM, it is possible to do a PXE boot without a WDS server.However, it is not possible to do a Multicast deployment without WDS. So if you want deploy operating system with SCCM and multicast you must use a WDS server.

In order to set up an operating system deployment, it is necessary to perform the following operations

Add distribution point on Windows 10 computer

On the Windows 10 workstation, install the following components :

  • Remote Differential Compression
  • IIS : World Wide Web Services / Application Developpement Features / ISAPI Extensions
  • IIS : World Wide Web Services / Sécurity / Windows Authentification
  • IIS : Web Administration Tools / IIS 6 Management Compatibility / IIS 6 WMI Compatibility
  • IIS : Web Administration Tools / IIS 6 Management Compatibility / IIS Metabase and IIS6 configuration compatibility

Add the sccm server computer account to the Local Administrator group on Windows 10 workstation

SCCM PXE without WDS Add SCCM Server Account on Administrator group
SCCM PXE without WDS Add SCCM Server Account

The distribution point can now be installed. Go to the SCCM console and click on Administration, Site configuration and Sites.

SCCM PXE without WDS 
 Add Distribution Point on SCCM Console

In the ribbon, click on Create Site System Server.

SCCM PXE without WDS Create Site system server

A wizard starts, using the Browse button and select the Windows 10 workstation that will host the distribution point. Select the desired System System Installation Account. I added the computer account of the SCCM server to the local Admin group, so it is possible to leave the default choice.

SCCM PXE without WDS Configure Distribution point configuration

Select the role Distribution point and choose Next.

Add Distribution Point

Select the desired location for the Primary content library location and the Primary package share location. If you server/workstation have data partition d: and you want install the distribution point on this partition select letter d. Click on Next to validate the choice.

Select location for distribution point SCCM

On the Boundary Groups Windows, select the Boundary Groups desired or create a new Boundary Groups.

Select Boundary Groups desired

Vou can validate other windows and lauch installation of your distribution point.

Configure PXE without WDS

With the distribution point installed, it is now possible to set up the pxe boot without the WDS role. On the SCCM console, go to Administration tab and click on Site Configuration. Select the distribution point on the central panel.

the desired Distribution Point

Right click on Distribution Point (Site System Roles panel) and select Properties on the context menu. A new Windows appear, select PXE Tab. Check option :

  • Enable PXE support for clients
  • Allow this distribution point to respond to incoming PXE requests
  • Enable unknown computer support
  • Enable a PXE responder without Deployment Service

You can if you want configure a password for start pxe deployment. User need enter password for begin OS deployment. Click on Apply and OK for validate the modification.

Configure PXE without WDS Server

Verify configuration on the distribution point

Installation and configuration has now finished. The service is installed and running on the Windows 10 Computer.

WDS Service on the desktop

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