Convert CMG

Convert CMG

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 2107 permit to convert the CMG (Cloud Management Gateway) with classic cloud service to virtual machine scale set. I write a post few month ago here for configure CMG with virtual machine scale set.

Change parameter

When you convert to virtual machine scale set, you can proceed to change some parameters.

  • VM size
  • VM instances
  • Verify CRL
  • Require TLS
  • Serve content

It is not possible to change the following parameters

  • Azure environment
  • Subscription
  • Azure AD app
  • Region
  • Resource group

Be careful in case the service name of the CMG uses a domain name in, it is not possible to proceed to the conversion. In this case it is necessary to deploy a new CMG and then delete the old one once the customers have recovered the strategies configuring the new CMG.

Convert CMG

Convert CMG to Virtual Machine scale

From the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, open Administration tab and expand Cloud Services. Click on Cloud Management Gateway then on Convert in the ribbon.

Convert to virtual machine scale set

A wizard appear, click on Next.

Convert to virtual machine scale set - open convert assistant

Select the VM Size and the number of instance that you want.

Select VM Size and number of instance

Click on Next then on Close. Update the MECM console, the CMG is being upgraded. Also we can see in Deployment Model the use of the new model.

Converting is in progress

You can use the log CloudMgr.log to have the details of the operations performed.

Use the log CloudMgr.log

After few minutes, the status is Ready.

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